4-Pin CFL Bulb Remover $12

The bulb remover tool helps you to safely remove your CFL bulb from recessed lighting cans without the risk of breaking the glass tubes in your hand and breathing harmful mercury vapors.


Turn the power off to the lights.

Insert the remover tool up towards the base of the bulb.

Slightly spread the side arms open to latch over the base.

Hold the sides of the arms together while pulling downward.

You may have to wiggle the bulb side-to-side or front-to-back to loosen the bulb pins from the socket.

You can use your right hand to hold the side arms together while using your left hand to pull downward using the finger hole on the bottom of the remover tool.

This tool was designed to remove Sylvania Brand 26 Watt 4-Pin Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs from recessed ceiling cans. The bulbs measure 4-3/4” overall. The remover will also work with GE Brand 26W 5.2" and 32W 5.6" Tall Bulbs.

These three bulbs have the GX24q-3 4-Pin 6-Sided Base.

The remover will not work with longer versions of this type of bulb.

The remover will not work with GE Brand 42W 6.4" Tall Bulbs.

The remover may not work well with any of the Phiips Brand Bulbs with the square base, since all their bulbs have a very small lip.

Product color subject to change based on availability.

Listing is for one 4-Pin CFL Bulb Remover.

Replacement bulb is for display purposes only and is not included as part of the sale.

Made in USA.


You can purchase the 4-Pin Bulb Remover
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$12 each + $3 S/H.

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