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Not the hero we deserve...but the hero we need! This cheap little 3D-printed tool seems so simple and a rip off, but it will save you a lot of pain and agony when trying to pull off a recessed light bulb with little to no wiggle room for your fingers. There was a point where the bulb was loose inside its housing but was stuck in the fixture and I was pushing so hard on my fingers that I had to stop from the pain. I ordered this little thing and within 5 seconds, the bulb was completely out. Thanks for inventing this contraption, which is probably super cheap to make but unless you have a 3D printer, is impossible to duplicate! Sturdy as needed and narrow enough to get into the really tight space.

Greatest home invention I've come across. I’m am not exaggerating...this is one of the greatest home engineered products I’ve seen. CFL lightbulbs get brittle after a few years. I have really small fixtures and it’s impossible to grip the plastic part well. I kept breaking the bulb part to the point I gave up. Until all 9 of the kitchen lights died. I literally had to break one off piece by piece at the base to get it out. After I bought this tool, the remaining lights all came out with no bulb breakage. You need to have this tool if your house has a lot of cfl bulbs in your house.

MUST BUY. Awesome product, coming from attempting to remove CFL bulb by hand and breaking every one, this is a MUST BUY PRODUCT, if you plan on replacing a lot of bulbs.

HANDY TOOL. I used this pull device to remove a 4-pin light bulb. It was very effective.

It works! After searching for a tool to help change these truly awful bulbs, this did the trick. I had to cut off about 1/8 inch to fit within my recessed light housing and you have to be careful, but I got the bulb out without any breakage.

Worth every penny. Worked as described. Took the broken stubborn bulbs out with ease.

Great. Worked perfectly. Thank you whoever invented this!!

Great little tool, great packaging as well!

I love this tool! Thank you!

Great seller fast shipping

Breaking bulbs like crazy trying by hand. found this and boom! Easy peezy!Genius

Great seller! Fast shipping! Item as described.

Seller is very good! and product is awesome.

Fast shipping and great product.

Great item!

Awesome product, awesome seller.

Easily solved a long time problem, thank you!!

Fast shipping! Great buy!

Great product and price!

The cfl bulb remover tool worked great! Can be improved by adjusting the length.

A very ingenious design! For removing heinous CFL 4-pin lightbulbs. USA made!!

It works! Thank you!

fast shipping, great product

Product arrived well packaged, great instructions.

Great seller, thanks so much.

Great deal, fast shipping

This designer save me frustration from trying to pull the bulb out with my hands, or ripping the light fixture out of the ceiling. Thank you for this product! My hero!

Very useful tool.

The puller thingie was very handy.

Tool worked as expected.


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